Analysts from Wolcott Daily can provide deep research of stocks, companies, and market tendencies. They also give investors their opinions on the further moves. Besides that, they usually publish fresh original ideas for readers’ portfolio.

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General Inquiries

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Our Team

Moses P. Lee, Publisher
Moses Lee got his MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta. His AB is from the Harvard School of Business. To prove that he is very versatile person, Moses Lee frequently mentions his numerous hobbies, and playing piano is one of them. Not many people know, but he is a participant of Wolcott Orchestra.

Editorial Inquiries

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David Stenberg, Editor-in-Chief
David Stenberg is only 30 years old. He is young successful investor. As he loves to says, his main interest lays in the best Austrian economic traditions. He prefers to collect precious metals and shares of mining company. He follows the news on sentiment and cycles to make good deal.
David Stenberg has started his career as an independent investor 4 years ago.
His main attraction is technology and biotechnology. He believes that these areas will be the most desirable at the market in the nearest future.


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Peter Mason, Associate Editor
Peter specializes on investments, portfolio strategy and REITs. His full time work is on the market. He is a successful investor who works with bonds, stocks, real estates, etc. In the past he was a financial analyst in newspaper, writing for numerous magazines. Peter is an honorable graduate from Harvard University. Right now, he lives nearby with his wife and small son. His main interest is income investments. Peter is interest in all ZIRP challenges. As he does not believe in only one financial strategy, he suggests trying different areas, if they have good potential. He says that the most successful investments usually happen when person has knowledge about the field, interest and can count possible losses and gains. In a free time, he plays violin, garden, visit antique auctions, and discusses politics.


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Steve Bissell, Business Editor
The main goal of Steve is to teach next generation to make investments. He likes to help his students to learn everything they need about equities, and the work of financial market. His current focus is crypto currencies, as Steve Bissell sees the future in them. He wants to explore this field better. That is why he slowed down his researching work about stocks.
Steve says that before he buys anything, he needs to look on the transcripts. He makes analysis of ratio and sentiment, and checks the price and only after that, before he acts. He shares this information with readers, covering all the questions in a topic. He promises to write more about crypto currencies providing detailed analysis of the area.