Asian stocks reached its one-year highs

February 14, 2017 - By wolcottdaily

Meanwhile, after the official meeting of new American President Donald Trump with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the yen is sagging towards the dollar.
Stocks at the Asian market rose to its previous highs, thanks to the new hopes among investors on the tax reforms promised by Donald Trump.
The new tax policy was promised by Trump during the presidential campaign a year ago, and now investors expect to see it in work.
Two other factors that work at the market are positive economic data from global community and commodities rebound in some countries.
During the meeting of the heads of two countries, Trump did not say a word about the USA new currency policy towards Japan or any measures of protection. He talked about jobs and world security, and this meeting brought the relief to the financial area, raising the dollar.
According to the leading strategist Masayuki Kichikawa, world economy feels relief. It’s partly stabilized. There are not so many risks this year that appeared during 2016. The Chinese economy is getting fixed with the new fiscal government measures. He believes that the biggest risks may still appear on the global markets with the changes in Trump’s policy. However, if the USA President will implement in life his tax protection and economic supplies there will be small risks for other countries anyway.
Even though Trump preferred unaggressive strategy for the USA-Japan meeting, there are still a lot of risks for his further economic confrontations with other countries-importers and exporters.

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