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As one of the online retailers that sells mobile phones, Questorsfone provides a shopping experience that spoil buyers with the presence of products that are guaranteed authenticity.

Whether purchasing offline or online, we can enjoy a variety of payment facilities that are very easy and safe. Not only that, Questorsfone provides facilities for those of us who want to buy a cell phone on credit.

If we intend to buy on credit, it’s good to pay attention to certain things the following before, yes.


Understand the Following before PP Credit

credit loan

Credit card ownership provides various kinds of convenience. We can benefit from discounts, discounts and even 0 percent installments. However, we are obliged to consider the things below before using a credit card to make purchases in installments, one of which is HP.


1. Explore the reputation of the service provider

The first thing we are required to do is explore the reputation of credit service providers. Do not let us neglect to do it, let alone to be fooled. One way to search for it is to read official sources related to service providers, can be through trusted web pages or news.

Testimonials from people who have already done credit at the same service provider we can do. Don’t be fooled, choose a trusted credit provider!


2. Ask DP


Ask this before deciding. Offline credit will usually ask for a DP. However, if you choose credit online, take it easy, we will not be asked for a DP, only later we will be asked to show a personal credit card to consider the feasibility of receiving credit. If it’s smooth, even dreamy items will be easy to get.


3. Interest and installments

One thing that is certain when deciding to get credit is interest. This is done by the credit service provider to get a profit. Therefore, we can choose loans with low interest rates so that installments can be met and not burden monthly expenses later.


Credit Mobile on Questorsfone with a Credit Card

Credit Mobile

We can visit the Questorsfone official website to choose the cellphone that we want to credit. Questorsfone provide PPcredit with credit cards with Visa and Mastercard, loh! How to get credit is:

  1. After selecting the product and putting it in the shopping basket, select “Checkout & Login” to be able to choose the payment method.
  2. Select “payment via credit card”
  3. Enter your credit card number and other conditions such as expiration date and existing CVV code.
  4. If the filling is correct, then we can then proceed with the 3D Secure step service.
  5. Use One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to the mobile number that is integrated with the credit card that we have.
  6. Enter OTP into 3D Secure.
  7. Transaction is complete.

If we have already made a payment by credit card, but the transaction on Questorsfone is canceled, we can contact Questorsfone customer service by including proof of payment from the bank. Questorsfone will check with the relevant banks within 1 X 24 Hours working days.


Find convenience on Questorsfone

mobile loans

Questorsfone provides protection in anticipation of misuse of credit cards. In order for Questorsfone to do that, we must fill in our complete and detailed personal data. We also benefit from the warranty given in the form of an official guarantee.

Mobile phone shipping can also be done if we buy it online using a credit card. Take it easy, now Questorsfone is cooperating with one of the online service providers in terms of shipping. Certainly it will really help us without having to go to its outlets directly.

Whatever the transaction, Questorsfone offers internet banking services from Cream Bank, and Best Bank transfers via ATM. For those of us who have savings and credit cards from Cream Bank, 0% installments are available for three to 12 months for the repayment period.


Safe Tips for Choosing a Cellphone with Credit

mobile credit

So as not to want to start an PP credit, we should learn together tips on safe choosing PP with credit.

1. Check price details

Certainly agree that price is one of the factors why we buy a product, including cellphones. The price will determine the quality of the mobile phone that we will buy. When you want to start buying a cell phone with credit at a booth, pay close attention to the price.

We can compare the prices of products with one another in one outlet or even another. Surveying standard prices on the market can also be an alternative. So, adjust the price with the quality of the HP, the ability to repay it, and the standard price on the market.


2. Don’t be in a hurry

cellphone loan

When offered ease of credit by certain services, we should not rush and be tempted by the offer. Remember that we must study the requirements given and think carefully about the size of the installments. If we meet a service provider that offers convenience and low installments, then it can be made as an option to accept it.


3. Avoid additional costs

The fee that normally applies to us when starting a loan is DP. You should not want to if the credit provider asks for additional fees for something that is not clear and outside the requirements. Please be careful, yes!

The information above can be used as a reference in case we will buy a cell phone with credit at Questorsfone. Even so, of course we must also look at our own financial condition. Do not let the monthly repayments from new cell phones actually burden our expenses, yes!

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