CashCoin (CASH) did not move on December 6-7

December 7, 2017 - By Stephen Andrade

CashCoin (CASH) last traded at $0.06. According to Global Crypto Analysts, CashCoin (CASH) eyes $0.06 target on the road to $0.09. CASH last traded at EtherDelta exchange. It had high of $0.06 and low of $0.06 for December 6-7. The open was $0.06.

CashCoin (CASH) is down -37.32% in the last 30 days from $0.09 per coin. Its up 0.00% in the last 100 days since when traded at $0.00 (non existent) and the annual trend is up. 200 days ago CASH traded at $0.00 (non existent). CashCoin maximum coins available are 47.43 million. CASH uses Scrypt algorithm and PoW/PoS proof type. It was started on 02/01/2014.

In CASH there are two types of minting proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS). The PoW minting rate is regulated by Moore’s Law which dictates that our ability in PoW grows exponentially. The PoS minting introduces a maximum 10% annual inflation. CASH transaction (tx) fees are destroyed to counter inflation. So overall the CASH minting design is still a very low inflation comparable to Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin and many other alternative coins CASH does not have a fixed coin supply cap. There is a 47 433 600 coin maximum value in the source code but that is only used for consistency checking and is not meant to be part of the minting design.

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By1 Stephen Andrade

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