Credit appears in 24 hours in the financial sector

Advertising promises so many, but consumers can be skeptical when it comes to loans. Again and again the term lightning credit appears in 24 hours in the financial sector. Now the question arises, what is it all about. Is the money on a lightning credit in 24 hours really in the borrower’s account within this time? We want to investigate.

What exactly is a lightning credit?

What exactly is a lightning credit?

With a lightning credit in 24 hours, a fast payment is important. The required capital is provided within 24 hours. In most cases, consumers apply for this special loan online. The costs are significantly lower because the banks do not have an extensive branch network. Most of them only provide their services over the Internet.

Because of this savings in personnel and rental costs, these loans are significantly cheaper. A branch bank cannot keep up. It is also the case that at a branch bank, the customer still has to make an appointment with the advisor for a loan. With an online bank, this does not apply and thus the loan amount is quickly paid out, provided there is no lack of creditworthiness.

How is a quick withdrawal possible?

How is a quick withdrawal possible?

No bank waives the customer’s identity check. For this reason, the postident procedure was used for loans. The technical possibilities nowadays allow a completely new form of checking. The video identification process significantly reduces the waiting time for the loan amount. The only requirement for this is that the customer has a PC with a webcam.

This enables an identity check to be carried out directly on the home PC. All the customer has to do is hold his ID card in front of the camera. After checking the personal details and the credit bureau, the loan amount will be paid out within a short time. A lightning credit in 24 hours is so realistic.

How do you get a lightning credit?

How do you get a lightning credit?

The better form of lightning credit is a credit line. This is available as an overdraft facility on the current account or as an on-demand loan on an external account. The cheapest option is the call credit. As a rule, this is even higher than the overdraft limit on the current account. With a call credit, a financial bottleneck can be quickly eliminated within a short time. Once the money is ready, it can be withdrawn or transferred in full or in part from the account.

The advantage of the call credit is the lower interest. The overdraft facility is much more expensive, but is still used as a lightning credit in 24 hours. Both the call credit and the overdraft facility are available without further questions. When using, there is neither an identity check nor a credit check. Both were done when these loans were made available. If you urgently need money and do not want to take any risks, you should apply for a overdraft facility and / or a call credit.

Bank credit with negative Credit Bureau.

Getting a Blitz credit on negative Credit Bureau is not always easy. Negative entries in the Credit Bureau reduce creditworthiness and not every bank is willing to lend money to the customer. But there are ways out and sometimes you have to go other ways to get a loan. See for further editorial

Borrowing very difficult

Borrowing very difficult

In Germany, the Credit Bureau is always used. Every loan and every leasing contract is entered here. Once the entries increase, it will be difficult to get a loan application approved. But this does not have to happen. To get a Blitz credit with negative Credit Bureau, the customer has to do a lot. It is difficult but not impossible to get the loan.

A negative entry in the Credit Bureau does not automatically mean that the loan applicant cannot take out a loan. However, if it has too many entries, the bank can reject it. The customer should request information from the Credit Bureau before submitting an application. This makes it easy to see whether there are old entries that can be deleted. The more of the list disappears, the better it is for the borrower.

Once the deletions have been made, an application for a Blitz credit with negative Credit Bureau can be made. Banks often offer debt rescheduling loans. In this way, an old loan can be replaced with the new one and a further sum can be requested. Those who fail at Cream Banks can also go abroad.

Choose a loan from abroad as a way out

Choose a loan from abroad as a way out

To get a Blitz credit with negative Credit Bureau, an application can be made abroad. The advantage here is that the customer’s Credit Bureau is not checked at all. This is because foreign banks do not even know Credit Bureau, because it mainly works with Cream Banks.

So if you have negative entries in the Credit Bureau, you can choose the international loan. However, requirements must also be met, as with Cream Banks. German and foreign banks always require the legal age and residence in Germany for the loan. Customers who are interested in the loan must prove an income that always allows the bank to have a garnishment carried out in an emergency.

Such an emergency occurs when the borrower runs out of money for the installments and the payments fail to materialize. As soon as this happens, a garnishment of wages can be issued. This is handled in Germany as well as abroad. The Blitz credit for negative Credit Bureau can be taken out by a credit broker.

A credit broker demands a commission for his work, which must only be paid after a contract has been signed. If the customer does not opt ​​for an offer, the agent does not have to be paid. If you do not want to pay this commission, you must submit an application abroad.

Who is excluded from borrowing?

Who is excluded from borrowing?

Anyone who cannot prove an income is excluded from the loan. This particularly affects the unemployed. But even those who have only marginal employment or a fixed-term contract are often rejected by banks. So that this does not happen, a surety can be provided.

The unemployed cannot provide a surety. You receive a social benefit from the state that does not allow you to take out a loan. If a loan is taken out, the social benefit will be reduced. But almost all banks do not grant any credit to this group of people because they could not attach it to a loan default. They would not get the borrowed money back and no bank takes the risk.

Online Loan: 5 tips on how to do it

Everyone knows that when you are in a tight financial situation, with debts and a dirty name, the indebted person just wants to find the best way to solve this scenario.

And there are a few ways to remedy your situation. One of them is through the online loan, an alternative that attracts more and more people for the facilities and amenities.

For example, some seek to make deals with their creditors, however, in certain circumstances, this alternative is not very advantageous. For these cases, the best option is to take out a loan.

Fortunately, this type of credit has several possibilities, and one of the most interesting is the online loan. In this text, we will explain everything you need to know about this concession type! Check out!

What is an online loan?


By definition, an online loan is not very different from a face-to-face personal loan. The main differences are in the agility, ease, and convenience of how the request is carried out and how the financial companies obtain income to grant it.

In this type of concession, the money is disposed of through a website, which can be a specialized company or a bank. The interested party fills in his information and receives the loan proposals. This whole process is very fast and there is no charge if the user accepts any proposal.

To provide the resources, these companies have partnerships with medium and small banks. In addition, a good part of the financial companies is able to grant credit at low-interest rates. This is because there are no maintenance expenses since everything happens online, however, they are much more rigorous to provide credit.

What are the benefits of an online loan?


This type of loan is relatively new, but it stands out for offering certain benefits. Below we separate some. Look!


It is a very quick method for approval and granting. If you already have a pre-approved limit and intend to get a loan through your bank, approval is immediate without having to speak to anyone.


Many sites offer the possibility to simulate installments and interest before accepting the proposal. This way, it is easier to insert this cost into your budget and organize yourself to cover this debt.


In the simulation, there is the option to set the date for the beginning of the payment of the installments. Despite being an interesting alternative, know that the longer it takes to start, the more interest you will have to bear.



Like most loans, online also offer discounts if you are able to pay in advance. In some circumstances, it is even possible to pay off all debt.

How To Make Money Wholesale and Flipping Homes Without Cash or Credit

Not many people realize that real estate (especially houses) can be bought and sold successfully without using your own cash or credit and a nice profit can be made out of the deal as well!

As hard as it is to believe, it is really true. In this article, “How To Make Money Wholesale Houses Without Cash Or Credit” I will explain how this can be done.

All real estate transactions start with a contract

All real estate transactions start with a contract

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a $ 100 million hotel, a $ 10 million apartment complex, or even a small mobile home, a contract is mandatory.

Well, to make money on wholesale houses without money or credit, you must be able to control the property with a contract for at least 30 to 60 days. You certainly don’t need any cash of your own, other than a small amount for marketing, to attract motivated salespeople.

As an example, assume the home is worth $ 100,000 in very good condition. Depending on the part of the country you’re in, this could mean either a decent apartment or a fairly simple one, especially if you happen to be in New York or California, where property prices are known to be particularly steep. Nonetheless, we take the base price at $ 100,000.

If the house is in excellent condition, this is called ARV or After Repair Value. In this example with the $ 100,000 ARV, let’s assume that the seller agrees to sell the property for $ 30,000, for whatever reason. Well, that’s where “The Flip Man” comes in the picture ready to buy the property for $ 30,000.

This leadership will usually come from my marketing like bandit characters


In general, I mostly deal directly with owners, not brokers, the main reason is that the owner is the decision-maker and I don’t need an additional middleman. Of course, this is only a question of preference and certainly not a must.

Now I’m going to start marketing the property to sell to an investor. There are two schools of thought – either build a buyer list from which to find a suitable buyer/investor first or let the deal build your buyer’s list that I made and train my students to do the same.

So I’m starting to market the property at $ 45,000 and I can have 10 investors to call the property purchase. Even if I can only sell the property to one investor, I will build a list of buyers from the other 9 investors who called.

The deal is finally settled at $ 38,000


Let’s close – now I have a contract with the seller for $ 30,000 and the buyer for $ 38,000. From there, I will hand over both contracts to the title company or final agent, whichever is used.

Now, most offers have a closed 30-day timeframe with the seller and I only give my buyer 10 days to close … most serious buyers, in fact, only take three days, which is why you only want to deal with serious buyers

OK, the deal is set and you have everything with the final attorney, the seller, and the buyer, all together at the final table. In most cases, this would be the first time they met, so I have to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Once the deal is closed, the closing lawyer cuts the seller a check for $ 30,000 and” checks for $ 8,000, which is the difference between the two contracts.

So the check I received is an $ 8,000 assignment fee, where I basically assigned my $ 30,000 buyer contract for $ 8,000. When I started marketing the property, I actually did it at $ 45,000 and eventually sold it at $ 38,000. So I made $ 8,000 on the deal.

Want New Mobile Loans Safely

As one of the online retailers that sells mobile phones, Questorsfone provides a shopping experience that spoil buyers with the presence of products that are guaranteed authenticity.

Whether purchasing offline or online, we can enjoy a variety of payment facilities that are very easy and safe. Not only that, Questorsfone provides facilities for those of us who want to buy a cell phone on credit.

If we intend to buy on credit, it’s good to pay attention to certain things the following before, yes.


Understand the Following before PP Credit

credit loan

Credit card ownership provides various kinds of convenience. We can benefit from discounts, discounts and even 0 percent installments. However, we are obliged to consider the things below before using a credit card to make purchases in installments, one of which is HP.


1. Explore the reputation of the service provider

The first thing we are required to do is explore the reputation of credit service providers. Do not let us neglect to do it, let alone to be fooled. One way to search for it is to read official sources related to service providers, can be through trusted web pages or news.

Testimonials from people who have already done credit at the same service provider we can do. Don’t be fooled, choose a trusted credit provider!


2. Ask DP


Ask this before deciding. Offline credit will usually ask for a DP. However, if you choose credit online, take it easy, we will not be asked for a DP, only later we will be asked to show a personal credit card to consider the feasibility of receiving credit. If it’s smooth, even dreamy items will be easy to get.


3. Interest and installments

One thing that is certain when deciding to get credit is interest. This is done by the credit service provider to get a profit. Therefore, we can choose loans with low interest rates so that installments can be met and not burden monthly expenses later.


Credit Mobile on Questorsfone with a Credit Card

Credit Mobile

We can visit the Questorsfone official website to choose the cellphone that we want to credit. Questorsfone provide PPcredit with credit cards with Visa and Mastercard, loh! How to get credit is:

  1. After selecting the product and putting it in the shopping basket, select “Checkout & Login” to be able to choose the payment method.
  2. Select “payment via credit card”
  3. Enter your credit card number and other conditions such as expiration date and existing CVV code.
  4. If the filling is correct, then we can then proceed with the 3D Secure step service.
  5. Use One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to the mobile number that is integrated with the credit card that we have.
  6. Enter OTP into 3D Secure.
  7. Transaction is complete.

If we have already made a payment by credit card, but the transaction on Questorsfone is canceled, we can contact Questorsfone customer service by including proof of payment from the bank. Questorsfone will check with the relevant banks within 1 X 24 Hours working days.


Find convenience on Questorsfone

mobile loans

Questorsfone provides protection in anticipation of misuse of credit cards. In order for Questorsfone to do that, we must fill in our complete and detailed personal data. We also benefit from the warranty given in the form of an official guarantee.

Mobile phone shipping can also be done if we buy it online using a credit card. Take it easy, now Questorsfone is cooperating with one of the online service providers in terms of shipping. Certainly it will really help us without having to go to its outlets directly.

Whatever the transaction, Questorsfone offers internet banking services from Cream Bank, and Best Bank transfers via ATM. For those of us who have savings and credit cards from Cream Bank, 0% installments are available for three to 12 months for the repayment period.


Safe Tips for Choosing a Cellphone with Credit

mobile credit

So as not to want to start an PP credit, we should learn together tips on safe choosing PP with credit.

1. Check price details

Certainly agree that price is one of the factors why we buy a product, including cellphones. The price will determine the quality of the mobile phone that we will buy. When you want to start buying a cell phone with credit at a booth, pay close attention to the price.

We can compare the prices of products with one another in one outlet or even another. Surveying standard prices on the market can also be an alternative. So, adjust the price with the quality of the HP, the ability to repay it, and the standard price on the market.


2. Don’t be in a hurry

cellphone loan

When offered ease of credit by certain services, we should not rush and be tempted by the offer. Remember that we must study the requirements given and think carefully about the size of the installments. If we meet a service provider that offers convenience and low installments, then it can be made as an option to accept it.


3. Avoid additional costs

The fee that normally applies to us when starting a loan is DP. You should not want to if the credit provider asks for additional fees for something that is not clear and outside the requirements. Please be careful, yes!

The information above can be used as a reference in case we will buy a cell phone with credit at Questorsfone. Even so, of course we must also look at our own financial condition. Do not let the monthly repayments from new cell phones actually burden our expenses, yes!

Loan Guide: Let’s Talk About Mortgage Spread

In the latter period, we often hear, perhaps too much, talking about spreads between the BTP and the German Bund . This has fueled some confusion in the definition of the term which, in the economic and financial sphere, is used in various applications. Among these we find, of course, that of financing.

But what is the loan spread?

money cash

Does it have the same meaning or significance as that between government bonds? Is it formally the same? We try, in this article, to answer all these questions by making some clarity on the subject.

Let’s start by saying that the spread between German BTPs and the Bund is the yield differential between Italian government bonds and German government bonds of the same maturity. Obviously, this calculation, which is defined in basis points, can be replicated on all government bonds, taking, however, as a reference only and always the German ones since, in the Eurozone, they are the most solid and guaranteed. To calculate it, therefore, it will be sufficient to find the difference between the yield offered by a ten-year BTP and the yield offered by a bund, which is also ten-year.

The spread on mortgages, on the other hand, is another matter entirely

money cash

The meaning of the word, of course, is however the same. Spread, in English, indicates a differential, a scissor, a fork. Comparing two things shows us that in one there is a sort of addition. All those who approached the complex world of mortgages and loans realized that the interest to be paid on the installment saw the presence of the interest rate (fixed, variable, variable with cap or mixed, whatever) plus a spread added by the bank or by the financial company that pays the sums.

And it is many times the spread that, in fact, leads us to say that the offer of a financial institution or a credit institution turns out to be cheaper than another. The spread, therefore, is the fixed fee that is due to the bank according to the signed contract.

The spread appears to be independent of what the purposes of the loan are

We therefore begin to conclude that, for the consumer, the most economically convenient mortgage is the one capable of guaranteeing the lowest spread applied by the bank. It is clear that this claim will be much easier to make at a time of increased competition between banks, not at a time of credit crunch like this.